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Faculty & Staff

  Name Title
Christy Acevedo Acevedo, Christy Teacher
Dianne Baer Baer, Dianne Teacher
Cathy Bennett Bennett, Cathy Teacher
Kathy Berry Berry, Kathy Teacher
Brett Christensen Christensen, Brett Teacher/Coach
Lori Clendinning Clendinning, Lori Librarian
Jenny Cochran Cochran, Jenny Secretary
Amy Collier Collier, Amy Teacher
Heather Cooper Cooper, Heather Teacher
Kim Crawford Crawford, Kim Teacher
Melissa Crawford Crawford, Melissa After School Care Director
Andi Cruthirds Cruthirds, Andi Admissions Director
Doug Elkins Elkins, Doug Athletics Director
Becky Fonville Fonville, Becky Teacher
Sarah Joy Gannon Gannon, Sarah Joy Teacher
Cindy Goodwin Goodwin, Cindy Elementary Principal
Holly Grubbs Grubbs, Holly Teacher
Tami Ham Ham, Tami Teacher
Doc Harbison Harbison, Doc Teacher
Kelli Hardy Hardy, Kelli Teacher
Lisa Harris Harris, Lisa Secretary
Michelle Hester Hester, Michelle Dyslexia & Resource Teacher
GyElla Hinton Hinton, GyElla Teacher
Donna Hunt Hunt, Donna Director of Dyslexia & Resource Center
Kelly Jacobsen Jacobsen, Kelly Preschool Director
Michelle Jenkins Jenkins, Michelle Secretary
Dwayne Kelly Kelly, Dwayne Teacher
Stephen Leavelle Leavelle, Stephen Teacher
Faith Mann Mann, Faith Teacher
Keith May May, Keith Teacher
Kristy McCullough McCullough, Kristy Teacher
Corey McElveen McElveen, Corey Teacher/Coach
Sunny McGehee McGehee, Sunny Teacher
Melanie McIntyre McIntyre, Melanie Teacher
Scott Melear Melear, Scott Teacher
Rod Morris Morris, Rod Teacher/Coach
Clay Moss Moss, Clay Teacher
Shelly Overby Overby, Shelly Teacher
Gay Peace Peace, Gay Teacher
Ted Poore Poore, Ted Head of School
Kim Price Price, Kim Book Keeper
Heather Reynolds Reynolds, Heather Teacher
Faith Ridgway Ridgway, Faith Teacher
Katie Roberts Roberts, Katie Teacher
Megan Rushing Rushing, Megan Teacher
Kelli Simpkins Simpkins, Kelli Teacher
Sonya Sutherland Sutherland, Sonya Preschool Teacher
Stacey Sykes Sykes, Stacey Teacher/Coach
Amy Thornton Thornton, Amy Counselor
Holly Tramel Tramel, Holly Teacher
Leigh Ann Westbrook Westbrook, Leigh Ann Teacher
Abby Willoughby Willoughby, Abby Teacher
Sherry Winstead Winstead, Sherry Teacher
Susan Wise Wise, Susan Secretary