Park Place Christian Academy provides students with an education that offers rigorous academic instruction. 

The K3-12th grade school provides an environment for growth and development, where different learning styles are served in keeping with the resources God has provided PPCA. 

The curriculum is rooted in a God-centered view of life, allowing students the opportunity to understand themselves and the world around them from a Biblical perspective.  

All truth is found in God and is derived from His revealed Word and from objective observation of the world He created.  In all matters the Scriptures are supreme.

The integration of Biblical faith and learning is the responsibility and a primary function of the teachers at PPCA. 

The school endeavors to select the best instructional materials available from secular and Christian publishers in order to reach its overall goals. 

PPCA is a fully accredited educational institution at the highest level (AA) of Midsouth Association of Independent Schools (MAIS) and SACS/AdvancED.