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Meet the Secondary School Principals and Secretary

PPCA High School Principal - Stacey Sykes

Stacey Sykes

High School Principal
9th, 10th, 11th & 12th Grades

PPCA Middle School Principal - Bobby Barrett

Bobby Barrett

Middle School Principal
6th, 7th & 8th Grades

PPCA Secondary Secretary - Susan Wise

Susan Wise

Secondary Secretary



Hello! As the principals and secretary for the secondary students, we focus each day on your child’s spiritual, academic, and social development in these formative preteen and teen years.

We recognize the importance of keeping your child safe while on the PPCA campus in Jackson Metro and at various school-sanctioned events, but even more importantly, we hope to influence your child to seek a personal relationship with Jesus Christ as Savior and Lord.

Along with a teaching faculty that is committed to praying for your child, we offer solid Christian education in the context of a Biblical worldview that influences the way that our academic courses are taught.

With Christian instructors teaching courses of Bible, English, History, Math, Science, and Spanish, your student will be shown how God is the Creator of our natural world and His plan for reaching people in the past, present, and into the future.



Please feel free to reach out to us with your questions and/or concerns. Our secondary secretary, Susan Wise, will be the one to answer the phone when you call the school at 601-939-6229, ext. 222, during regular hours and will take your contact information and any message you wish to leave so that we will be able to respond directly to you.

You may also email us:

Bobby Barrett:

Stacey Sykes:

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6th-8th Grades

“It is important that we set strong, Christian examples for our students. By teaching a Christian worldview, we hope to influence our young people so that they may be able to make solid impressions on others for God’s kingdom.

I pray that I come to school each day with a good attitude so that the students will see that and know that they are cared for while at PPCA.

At PPCA, we are a family. We look out for each other. We pray for each other. Teaching a Christian worldview gives our students the best possible basis for going forth.”

Bobby Barrett


9th-12th Grades

“My prayer for our students here at PPCA is that they and their families would be safe, that they experience spiritual growth, and they daily commit to obeying God’s leadership and calling on their lives.

I pray that they will be able to experience success in the classroom, athletically, or in whatever arena God places them. By giving them a Biblical worldview and Christian education, I want them to grow spiritually and be fully prepared when they leave PPCA to meet the challenges of the world.

I also pray that I am following God’s guidance every day and that He would use me to make a difference for His kingdom. I am inspired by our faculty for their hard work, preparedness, and willingness to share the Word of God in word and deed in and out of their classrooms.

For our new or prospective students, I think you’ll find that our student body is very accepting of new students coming into PPCA and that our faculty will be eager to help you be successful at PPCA. For all of our families, there’s always a place for you to join in and enjoy being part of the Crusader family!”

Stacey Sykes

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