2022-2023 Tuition Rates Annually Bi-Annually Monthly
K3-K4 Preschool $3,792 $1,896 $316
Elementary K5-6th Grade $6,048 $3,024 $504
Additional 2nd Child $5,592 $2,796 $466
Additional 3rd Child $5,064 $2,532 $422
Additional 4th Child $4,824 $2,412 $402
Secondary 7th -12thGrade $6,336 $3,168 $528
Additional 2nd Child $5,880 $2,940 $490
Additional 3rd Child $5,328 $2,664 $444
Additional 4th Child $5,064 $2,532 $422
Dyslexia Center: 1st & 2ndGrades $9,648 $4,824 $804
Dyslexia Center: 3rd – 12thGrade $7,896 $3,948 $658



Online Application Fee:  $25

Registration Fee:  $250

Family Fee:  $600 (one-time, per family for students entering grades K5-12th)

Family Fee Commitment Form must be submitted to the Business Office and paid in one of three following options:

  • Paid in full in one payment.
  • Two semester payments of $300.
  • 12 monthly payments of $50 each month (June – May).


Registration Fee: $250 if paid on-time.

The Registration fee is to be paid in January at re-enrollment. It increases to $300 on April 1, $350 on May 1, and $425 on June 1.


Activity Fee: $35 (K3-6th Grade) due Sept. 1.

A Financial Contract must be submitted to PPCA’s Business Office.

Families enter into a binding contract with PPCA that clearly states the tuition agreement for each school year. The Financial Contract states how tuition will be paid. It must be submitted to the Business Office for a student’s placement to be secured.

NOTE: PPCA makes financial commitments with faculty in the form of contracts that are based on the number of enrolled students. Curriculum purchases are also based on enrollment each year, thus the Financial Contract is a binding contract and the Registration Fees and Family Fees are non-refundable.


A 4% discount is given if the K5-12th grade tuition is paid in full by June 15th before school begins.

Bi-annual payments are due June 15th and December 15th.

Monthly tuition drafts are on the 5th of each month, beginning June 5th through May 5th.

NOTE: No discounts for Multiple Children, early Annual Payment, or Active Park Place Baptist Church Member apply to Preschool tuition.

When applying the Multiple Children Discount, the oldest child is considered “first child” and “second child” is the second oldest, etc.

Park Place Baptist Church members should contact the Admissions Office for information about Active Church Member Discount.