Faculty & Staff

Meet Our WONDERFUL Faculty and Staff

Park Place Christian Academy endeavors to employ born again, Bible-believing, Spirit-filled Christians who are professionally trained, certified, and ready to inspire, encourage, and educate K3-12th grade students.

PPCA is blessed to have these administrators, teachers, coaches, and support staff engaged and ready to meet the educational and spiritual needs of its children.

Acevedo, Christy

Elementary Art Teacher

Amos, Jeff

Secondary: Chemistry

Ballard, Holly

Elementary Teacher: 3rd Grade

Barrett, Bobby

Assistant Athletic Director / Driver’s Ed. Teacher

Bennett, Cathy

Elementary Teacher: STEAM and Yearbook Sponsor

Bridges, Kim

Secondary Teacher: Spanish

Brasher, Kim

Elementary Teacher: 3rd Grade

Brassell, Cindy

Elementary Teacher: 5th Grade

Brunson, Larami

Middle School Principal and Director of Academic Advancement

Burns, Monna

Secondary Teacher: 7G and 8G English

Carr, David

Secondary Teacher: 7G/8G History

Clendinning, John

Secondary Teacher: English Chair, Chapel Band Sponsor

Clendinning, Lori

Director of Admin. Resources / Records / News / Publications

Cochran, Jenny

Athletic Secretary

Cook, Jason

Dir. of Development/Head Football Coach

Cooper, Heather

Elementary Teacher: 1st Grade

Crawford, Kim

Elementary Surveyors / Secondary Teacher: Science / Coach

Files, Tammy


Fitzgerald, Caryn

Dyslexia/Resource Staff

Fonville, Becky

Preschool Teacher

Gant, Brandi

Preschool Teacher

George, J

Secondary Teacher: Bible

Grubbs, Holly

Preschool Teacher/ Uniform Swap Coordinator

Ham, Tami

Secondary Teacher: Bible, Drama, History

Harbison, Doc

Head of School

Hemphill, Lee Ann

Elementary Teacher: Kindergarten

Herbert, Dave

Secondary: Biology, JV Football Coach

Hester, Michelle

Dyslexia/Resource Teacher: 2nd Grade

Hunt, Donna

Director of Dyslexia and Resource Center/ Dyslexia Teacher: 1st Grade

Jacobsen, Kelly

Elementary: Bible and Music Teacher

Jones, Delisa

Preschool Teacher

Jones, Jessica

Crusader Care Director

Jones, Megan

Secondary Teacher: History

Jordan, Jim Deputy Officer

Director of Security and Safety

Kelly, Dwayne

Director of Curriculum and Quality Control

Knight, Jonathan

Director of Curriculum and Quality Control

Laird, Kaitlyn

Secondary Teacher: Art Teacher / Co-BETA Sponsor

Leach, Burell

Secondary: Computer, BETA, Robotics, Coach

Lunsford, Brett

Facilities Manager

Mann, Faith

Elementary Teacher: 2nd Grade

McElveen, Corey

Secondary: Science, Coach

McGehee, Sunny

Preschool Director/ Admissions Director

McIntyre, Melanie

Elementary Teacher: Kindergarten

McKenzie, Stephanie

Secondary Teacher: 7G/8G Math/ A.C.T.

Mercer, Melody

Secondary Teacher: 6th Grade/ Spelling Bee Coordinator

Munn, Joy

Secondary Teacher: 7G/8G Science / Coach

Murphy, Leah

Elementary Teacher: 1st Grade

Peace, Gay

Elementary P.E. Teacher

Poss, David

Elementary Principal

Price, Kim

Business Office: Assistant Financial Officer

Puckett, Melissa

Preschool Teacher

Ridgway, Faith

Elementary Teacher: 4th Grade

Roberts, Chryste

Business Office: Financial Officer/ Business Manager

Roberts, Katie

Dyslexia/Resource Teacher

Rutland, Darrell

Secondary: Government and Economics

Simpkins, Kelli


Stegall, Ashley

School Nurse / Secondary Teacher: Health / Cheer Coach

Stuart, Tiffani

Elementary Secretary

Sykes, Stacey

High School  Principal

Thames, Jessica

Preschool Secretary/ Director of Events

Thurman, Wendy

Preschool Assistant

Tubb, Larry

Secondary Teacher: English

Upton, Brent

Coordinator of IT Support

Wallace, Lisa

Elementary Teacher: 4th Grade

Watkins, Jessica

Secondary Teacher: Math, Student Council Sponsor, Coach

Westbrook, Leigh Ann

Preschool Teacher

Willoughby, Abby

Secondary Teacher: Math / Student Council Co-Sponsor

Wise, Susan

Secondary Secretary