Booster Club

 The Booster Club is an integral part of the athletic programs at PPCA.

Parents, grandparents, and other family members are welcome to join the Booster Club to help support the school’s athletic programs.

PPCA’s Booster Club provide volunteers to work the concession stands at all athletic events. The “Crusader Cafe” is a mobile concession stand that was purchased and outfitted by the Booster Club in 2021 to assist with food and beverage sales.

The Boosters also provide opportunities to purchase PPCA merchandise, programs for athletic events, and other supportive items, with all proceeds going to enhance the development of the athletic programs. 

PPCA encourages all families to join the Crusader Booster Club. Membership in the Booster Club has 3 levels:

Sader Membership: $40

Super Sader: $225

Superior Saders: $400 

Email bo*********@go****.com for more information. 

The officers for PPCA’s Booster Club Executive Board for 2023-2024 includes:

President: Margo Coleman 

Vice President: Emily Weimer 

Secretary: Caryn Fitzgerald

Treasurer: Tiffani Stuart 

BOOSTER CLUB offers fundraiser through Kroger purchases. All proceeds benefit PPCA’s athletic programs.

Please use this link and follow the simple instructions to begin giving to PPCA via the Community Rewards program that your local Kroger offers.