The parent/family organization of Park Place Christian Academy is known as PARTNERS, for the membership closely works with PPCA Administrators, Faculty, and Staff, to create the very best environment in which students may succeed.


Partners exists to:

  • Promote unity of spirit among families, students, and PPCA employees.
  • Encourage involvement of all PPCA families in supporting the school.
  • Offer financial assistance where needed to enhance the overall educational experience of K3-12th grade students.


Pre-COVID activities for PPCA students and faculty/staff included:

  • All A’s Breakfasts for Students each 9 weeks
  • Beautification of PPCA’s Landscape
  • Christmas Luncheon Door Prizes for Teachers
  • Field Day for Students in the Spring
  • Funeral and Hospitalization Outreach
  • Grandparents’ Day ‘Cookies and Milk Party’ Hosts and Hostesses
  • Playground Equipment Purchases and Installation
  • Prayer Team Support for Administration, Faculty, and Staff
  • Teacher Appreciation Luncheons and other celebrations
  • Uniform Swap (twice a year, to help save money, PPCA families may bring to school their clean, gently used uniforms to trade for other sizes)


Partners offers opportunities for families to help raise money for underwriting the Supportive Activities. Among those have been:

  • Boosterthon Run
  • Boxtop Collections
  • Penguin Patch (annual opportunity for elementary children to shop for pre-wrapped Christmas gifts for their families with funds sent in by their parents/guardians)
  • ‘Sader 5K Run Fundraiser Event:
  • To REGISTER ONLINE for the ‘SADER RUN 2021:               
  • ‘Sader Shack: PPCA Mobile Merchandise Outlet


Adults in every PPCA family may belong to Partners by contacting the Partners’ Leadership Team:


Membership is not limited to parents or guardians. Aunts, uncles, and grandparents are also invited to be members.

There is no membership fee or contractual obligation to serve via Partners, but many PPCA families choose to be supportive through their volunteer hours helping with fundraisers and/or supportive activities.

Pre-COVID, Partners met at least once during each 9-weeks’ period to plan for supportive activities and fundraisers.


The Partners’ Leadership Team is comprised of members who serve two-year terms.

The current Partners’ Leadership Team:

  • Partners President: Wendy Hathcock
  • Partners Vice-President: TBD
  • Partners Secretary: Renee Holmes
  • Penguin Patch Coordinator: Caryn Fitzgerald
  • ‘Sader Run Committee Coordinator: Sabrina Lovejoy
  • ‘Sader Shack Coordinator: Katie Jefferies
  • Teacher Appreciation Coordinator: Caryn Fitzgerald
  • Uniform Swap Coordinator: Holly Grubbs

To submit a name for a Leadership Team position, members should email the Chairperson via the Partners’ email:


The ‘Sader Shack is a merchandise outlet that is provided by Partners and is the place to get school-approved outerwear, t-shirts, and all Crusader Spirit items.

Partners opens the mobile ‘Sader Shack on the PPCA campus at least once each 9-weeks’ period — or more often as time and volunteers’ schedules allow.

For more information about the ‘Sader Shack (including pricing, orders, or dates of operations) email the ‘Sader Shack via the following email: