Donor Recognition

Capital Campaign Donors

Thank you for your generosity!

Luis and Christy Acevedo
Dr. Michael and Sheri Albert
Jeff and Katie Arnold
AT&T (matching gift) Diane Baer
Charles and Wendy Bailey
Hilton Ball
Michael and Lee Barlow
Noell and April Bass
Jay and Talitha Bennett
Richard and Cathy Bennett
John and Patti Benton (Q & M Motors)
Brian and Tara Berch
Kathy Berry
Mark and Monti Bishop
Brian and Jennifer Bishop (B & C Equipment)
Justin and Kimberly Bond
Brad and Paige Boykin
Mr. and Mrs. Carlos Bradshaw
Chad and Jannica Brady
Jason and Brandy Bryant (Bryant’s Moonwalk)
Shannon and Angela Bullock
Lynn and Beverly Bullock
Neal and Maegan Bumpus
Bryan and Nikki Butts
Susan Caraway
Josh and Kattie Carlisle
Brett Christensen
Gene and Karen Clark
John and Lori Clendinning (In Loving Memory of Vonda Clower)
Wes and Jenny Cochran
Doyle and Gia Cole
Jason Cook
Ashley and Heather Cooper
Michael and Riley Craddock
David and Kim Crawford
Scott and Melissa Crawford
Robin and Lisa Crawford
Andy and Andi Cruthirds
Phil and Veronica Cumberland
Ronald Dotson
Joshua and Adriana Douglas
Robert and Betsy Dugan
Philip and Sheri Dunn
Steve and Amy Earley
Richie and Karen Edwards
Doug and Alice Elkins
Reginald and Rebecca Ellis
Danny and Carol Epps
John and Nancy Fagan
Mark and Kerri Faron
Mary Jane “Gaga” Ferretti
Jeff and Caryn Fitzgerald
Andy and Ashley Fletcher
Jarrett and Carrie Flowers
Chauncey and Rebecca Fonville
Gertrude C. Ford Foundation
David and Marla Freeman
Sarah Joy Gannon
David and Wendy Garner (Traffic Control Products Co, Inc.)
Kevin and Natalie Gaughf
Dr. Jonathan and Alicia Germany
Cindy Goodwin
Preston Gordon
Steven and Holly Grubbs
Dr. Keith and Jana Grubbs
Kiley and Tami Ham
Doc and Andrea Harbison
Kelli and Mark Hardy
Randall and Breckin Harper
Douglas and Stephanie Harper
Brian and Kim Harrell
Curtis and Lisa Harris
Cynthia Harrison
Tim and Sharon Hart
Lori Harvey
Starks and Wendy Hathcock
Claudine Heard
Nicholas and Amanda Herrington
Karl and Michelle Hester
Mr. and Mrs. John Heiden
Wesley and Barbara Hilton
Jess and GyElla Hinton
Isaac and Megan Hitt
Shane and Kim Holloway
Ken and Renee Holm
Dr. Chad and Gloria Hunsberger
Donna Hunt
Kris and Maggie Hynum
Eric and Kelly Jacobsen
Dan and Katie Jeffries
Steve and Michelle Jenkins
Todd Jenkins
Frank and Dawn Johnson
Joel and Harriet Jones
Jeff and Megan Jones
Sid and Vicky Jones
Jim Keel
Dwayne and Beth Kelly
Jesse and Andrea Kelly
Sanford and Trina Knott
Stephen Leavelle
Tommy and Wendy Lee
Jeremy and Karen Loden
Jason and Kimberly Logan
Brad and Selena Lovejoy
Eddie and Barrie Mahaffey
Jacob and Faith Mann
Chris and Vera Manville
Harley and Blair Shaw Matthews
Keith and Bethany May
Jimmy and Pamela McAfee
Josh and Laura McAlpin
Terry and Suzie McCarthy
Teddy and Lora McDaniel
Bud and Sunny McGehee
Barry and Kristen McKenzie
Korbi McQueary
Scott Melear
Scott and Melody Mercer
Dale and Jan Miller
Elizabeth Miller
Rod Morris
Clay Moss
John and Laura Mullins
John and Debrah Murray
James and Debbie Myers
Anthony and Ginger O’Dell
Office Innovations
Andrew and Rani Oswalt
Scott and Shelly Overby
Mark and Holly Owens
Holly Pace
Shawn and Amy Parker
Scott and Gay Peace
Michael and Amanda Perry
Michael and Erin Pollard
Ted and Carol Ann Poore
Rick and Paula Potratz
Dr. David and Brenda Powe
Eric and Kim Price
Chad and Heather Reynolds
William and Faith Ridgway
Clayton and Katie Roberts
Scot and Melissa Roberts
Clay and Amy Robertson
Greg Rucker
David and Megan Rushing
Justin and Adrienne Russell
Bo and Kim Sandifer
Sammy and Dinah Scoggin
Robert and Albina Screws
Terry and April Sensing
Michael Shappley
David and Kim Shirley
Charlie and Kelli Simpkins
Glen and Angy Singletary
Helen Skinner
Jerry F. and Nancy Smith
Dr. Jimmy and Mary Ellen Stewart
Jack and Tiffani Stuart
Ashley and Kristin Sullivan
Scott and Brandi Swilley
Danny and Beth Taylor
Bill and Vickie Thompson
Matthew and Amy Thornton
Steven and Destiny Tillery
Norman and Holly Tramel
Jeffery and Layla Walker
Thomas Watts
Jason and Tabitha Wells
Keith and Leigh Ann Westbrook
Richard White
Steve and Ladonna Whitney
David and Ruth Wilkinson
Shayne and Trissi Wilkinson
Daniece Williams
Gary and Ginny Williams
David and Andi Winnett
Sherry Winstead
Michael and Susan Wise
Craig and Tracy Yates
Pat and Charlie Yates
William and Terryl Yelverton
John and Donna Yow