Make a Pledge Payment

If you have already made a pledge to Park Place Christian Academy’s Rooted Deep, Building Up Capital Campaign, we cannot thank you enough for your servant’s heart and willingness to support PPCA!  Your generosity is helping us “Grow Together in Christ!” 

By now, you have already chosen to pay your pledge installments either monthly, quarterly, semi-annually, or annually until your pledge amount is fulfilled.  If your installments have already begun, you have been sending a check for each installment or having your installments bank-drafted out of your account each month.  


We now offer our donors a convenient way to make those pledge payments online using your debit or credit card.  You can choose to make a one-time pledge payment OR have it recurring automatically monthly, quarterly (every 4 months), semi-annually (every 6 months) or annually (every 12 months) until your pledge is fulfilled.  Just click on the link below…it’s THAT easy!

There is a 3.99% processing fee that is incurred for each online payment; HOWEVER, it is not mandatory that you pay this fee.  Instead, it is your choice whether or not to donate the amount of the fee.  We are so appreciative of your generous pledge and donation that we will gladly pay the processing fee for you if you would prefer.  You will be asked when finalizing your pledge payment if you would like to add 3.99% to help cover the cost of processing your pledge payment so you will have the option.  If you choose not to include the processing fee in your pledge payment, please know it is ok and that we are still eternally grateful for your pledge payment and committment to PPCA.