Trooper First Class Andrew Beaver (left) and Lieutenant Cole Trowbridge are shown with preschool children

PPCA students enjoyed a visit from two helicopter pilots when they landed on the practice field, thanks to an invitation by PPCA Director of Security Colonel Jim Jordan.

Visiting PPCA for an entire day were MHP Air Operations personnel Lieutenant Cole Trowbridge and Trooper First Class Andrew Beaver.

The two men entertained and answered endless questions from preschool and elementary children who were escorted outside by their teachers.

They also visited secondary science teacher Coach Burell Leach’s classes for discussions on physics and aerodynamics.

“I wish I could take a ride,” said one enthusiastic youngster to the gentlemen.

“So do I!” said a teacher who asked to remain anonymous.

This is the second time in school history that Colonel Jordan has invited MHP staff to demonstrate aspects of law enforcement resources for PPCA students.

Mrs. Wooten’s class