Crusader Care Rates and Fees

PPCA 2022-2023 CRUSADER CARE Rates & Fees


Registration Fee: $50 (Annual & non-refundable)
Sibling Registration Fee:  $25 (Annual & non-refundable)
*Summer Camp 2022 Rates: $96/week (lunch not included)
$121/week (lunch included)
$5.00 (drop-in lunch cost)
*Summer Camp 2022 Activity Fee
~Due the 1st week of June~
$95/child (K3 & K4)
$115/child (K5-6th grade)
Elementary Explorers (K5-6th) Rates: 

$56/ week*+

Early Dismissal Lunch rate for Elementary: $5.50

Preschool Peeps (K3-K4) Rates (lunch included)

Full Day:


Mat Rental Fee: $15 (Annual and non-refundable)

Half Day: $60/week (PPCA sibling only – pick-up by 3:00pm or 12:00 for early dismissal)*+
High School Hang Out (7th-10th) Rates: $100.00/month or $8.00/day
Holiday & Early Dismissal Lunch Rates: Early Dismissal Lunch rate for Secondary: $6.00  (drop-in lunch cost)
 +Late Pick-up Fee: $1 per minute (applicable for all)
Late Payment Fee:  $10 per week
Returned Check Fee: $30 per week
Reinstatement Fee:  $50 per reinstatement per year
Registration in Crusader Care is subject to availability, completion and submission of all paperwork and payment of all appropriate fees.

Crusader Care school year rates are spread out over 10 months and are therefore not pro-rated for short school weeks & days missed nor increased for holiday breaks. Rates are not transferable.

Elementary and Preschool rates are due on Monday of the current week and on the first of the month for Jr/Sr high school. Drop-in rates for High School Hang Out are due the day of, no later than the next day, attended. Late fees are applied on Thursday. Park Place Crusader Care reserves the right to dismiss a student for nonpayment and to refuse enrollment to families with an outstanding balance and/or who have failed to pay accounts in a timely manner.

We accept checks (made payable to PPCA with child’s name on the memo line), money orders and cash. A receipt will be provided for all cash payments for your records. We also have two additional methods of payment for PPCA families only:

Monthly Draft
The bank draft form authorizing funds to be withdrawn from your bank account on the 5th of every month must be completed and turned in prior to the 1st of the month, along with a voided check. Please note! We must have 2 weeks in written notice to cancel the monthly bank draft AND that the amount withdrawn is based on how many Mondays in a given month

Online Payment through ParentsWeb
If you pay in this manner, we must have either the transaction number given at the end of your payment or a copy of the receipt of the payment. Please note! There is a fee added to pay online based on the total amount of your payment.

A two-week written notice must be given to drop your child(ren) from Crusader Care. Parents are responsible for payment through the two week notice. To re-register students back into Crusader Care in the same school year, a $50 reinstatement fee must be paid per child.